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5 Meows for Morgan Hill’s Town Cats Rescue

Morgan Hill, CA is a community consisting of wonderful human beings doing amazing things for people and animals and in this case, Town Cats of Morgan Hill has been saving cats for more than two decades. At Amare Real Estate Services, we love...

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Real Estate is Always a Great Investment

Whether you are interested in real estate's investment potential or are simply sick of infomercial's promising obscure ways to "create wealth in 2022," it is worthwhile to learn how real estate creates wealth. Even though there is no easy way t...

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Invest in Curb Appeal and Watch it Pay Off

According to a poll carried out online by The Harris Poll, a global market research company, on behalf of NerdWallet, among over 1,400 homeowners in the United States, over two-thirds of homeowners (65%) expect their property's value to continu...

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5 Mistakes That Reduce the Value of Your Property

When it comes to selling a property, it is a significant endeavor, and just like yourself, every property owner wants to make the best possible choices to maximize their property’s potential market value. Some decisions that affect resale can...

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How to Find the Right Realtor for You

Buying a dream home or any property is a big deal since it is a significant investment that might take a lifetime of hard work. When we are looking to purchase a property, the first thing we do is contact a real estate agent. Given the numbe...

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