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Invest in Curb Appeal and Watch it Pay Off

According to a poll carried out online by The Harris Poll, a global market research company, on behalf of NerdWallet, among over 1,400 homeowners in the United States, over two-thirds of homeowners (65%) expect their property’s value to continue improving over the next ten years.

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Considering that some of the criteria that affect how much a residential property is worth are out of control, this belief may be too optimistic. However, if you feel your property is one of your most valuable possessions—as 70% of American homeowners do—taking care of it should undoubtedly be one of your highest priorities. The good news is that keeping up with maintenance and investing in home upgrades from time to time are proven ways to boost the value of a property.
5 Proven Ways to Increase Property Value in 2022 and Beyond
If you are ready to sell your property, you may get more money for it by putting in some sweat equity, adopting a do-it-yourself mentality, and spending a few bucks. Even if you aren’t ready to sell your house, you can still enjoy the benefits of living in a more aesthetically pleasing environment. Here are some ideas for low-cost home upgrade projects that can provide a good ROI.
● Invest in curb appeal (how your home looks from the street).
● Make it more energy-efficient by installing a smart thermostat.
● Remodel the kitchen with modern, energy-efficient options.
● Improve the bathroom lighting fixtures, mirrors, and bathtubs.
● Reveal and restore hardwood floors to freshen up the surface.
Final Thoughts
Upgrading your property doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated; the property value may be increased via several projects suitable for various price ranges, skill levels, and degrees of enthusiasm. These improvements can be made either for potential buyers or, perhaps more importantly, for you and your family. Finally, be smart about your investments since, unfortunately, not every venture you put your hard-earned money into will turn out to be successful.