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5 Mistakes That Reduce the Value of Your Property

When it comes to selling a property, it is a significant endeavor, and just like yourself, every property owner wants to make the best possible choices to maximize their property’s potential market value. Some decisions that affect resale can be made months or years before you actually consider selling your property, which is why you may not even think about it until it is too late and the property value has already plummeted. Read on to discover five mistakes that reduce the value of your property, brought to you by Amare Real Estate Services in Morgan Hill, CA.

1. Excessive Customization
We know you’ve always dreamed of giving your space a personality that reflects individuality; however, you need to realize that not everyone appreciates the same things you do. When it comes to selling the property, excessive customization, such as a vintage theme carried throughout, might contribute psychologically to it being perceived as less appealing, which reduces the property value.
2. Overbuilding the Build-Ins
The lifestyle, number of family members living in the house, and individual taste, all influence the amount of storage space needed. Built-in cabinets in the kitchen or bedroom are highly valuable; however, excessive development may affect your property’s worth. This is particularly true if the built-in cabinetry occupies a significant amount of wall, floor, and ceiling space.
3. Exaggerated Features
The presence of relaxing elements, such as a fish pond, swimming pool, and built-in saltwater aquarium, may seem desirable. However, if you look at things from a more practical perspective, having too many features that aren’t essential requires constant maintenance and repair, which soon adds up to a significant amount of money, dissuading the buyer from purchasing the property.
4. Ugly Property Exterior
Have you ever stood on the street looking at a home and wondered what it was like on the inside? The property’s exterior creates the first impression and may make or break a sale. When you’re trying to sell a home, the last thing you want is for it to have a negative reputation. This is especially true if the outside hasn’t been painted or, even worse, has been painted poorly.
5. Renovating a Monstrosity
It may seem like a good idea to renovate your house to make it stand out from all other properties in the neighborhood, but this strategy could backfire, particularly if your neighbors complain about it. The property prices may be negatively impacted if you convert a single-story terrace home into a three-story behemoth. This, in turn, may also impact the home values in the surrounding area.
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