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Justin Dougherty

Justin Dougherty
CA DRE #02167109

After growing up in Sunnyvale California and having lived in San Diego, New York City and Italy, Justin has been living and working in Morgan Hill since the end of 2019. After weathering the massive changes brought about by Covid, he has begun to become a well known member of the local community. Working at Craft Roots downtown, joining the Morgan Hill Chamber of Commerce, and now working at Amare have given him an interest in local community he’s never had before.

“I’ve never lived in a place quite like Morgan Hill. So many of the people I come across have grown up here and know everyone in the community, and I really love being able to meet the extended family and friend groups of the people I’ve come to be close to.”

Justin has worked in the hospitality industry for close to 20 years. He has chosen to focus his ability to quickly make friends and connections towards helping people navigate one of the biggest decisions they’ll ever make in their lives: finding a home they love.

“It’s very important to me to laugh and connect and soften the intimidation that can sometimes surround an undertaking like finding a home. Don’t let my easy going demeanor have you think that I don’t work hard. I’m VERY committed to working the best deal I can for you while handling all of the ancillary arrangements.”